Campaign for Governor of Maryland!


I officially begin my campaign for the next Governor of Maryland!

Today many Marylanders have lost their jobs, their suffering to provide for their family, unemployment has gone up, drop-out rates in schools have risen, and the economy in turmoil. So I ask the people of Maryland are you better off than you were four-years ago? Obviously no, Maryland has suffered . Maryland needs a new direction. Maryland is better than this and we need new leadership, we need a Governor that the people can trust, that the people can believe in, and That is Why I am running to become the next Governor of Maryland!

Name: Jimmy Noshues

Age: 48

Gender: Male

Ideology: Moderate-Conservative

Party: Democrat

Biography: I first became interested in politics in high school, I was always fascinated with government and it’s function & purpose. During College I decided that I wanted to take my passion for government and public service to the next level, and become the Governor of Maryland. I graduated from College Park, earned a Masters in Government.

Now many of you may be wondering well what is he personally like? First and foremost I’ve always considered myself to be a pragmatist, ideologically I am a moderate-conservative, I’m fiscally conservative, socially moderate, and tough on crime. Some of my hobbies are writing, studying, reading, watching TV, computer graphic design, chess, and others.


1) I served as the Mayor of Annapolis from 2000-2006, I served six-full years.

2) In 1982 I was Community Organizer in the West Side of Baltimore City, I helped to remove asbestos from people’s home, helped people find jobs, helped to improve schools and communities in dire need of help. I know what it’s like to help low-income and middle-income families to better their lives and future.


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