Public Safety

As a major initiative of mine, I will work tirelessly to promote public safety. I support the following methods to achieve public safety, reduce crime and murder here in Maryland.

1) Further the Use of Capital Punishment– the deterrent effect of Capital Punishment is proven to reduce crime.

“Many studies have proven the deterrent effect to be legitimate. Some studies show that for every execution eight lives are saved because the deterrent effect prevented further homicides. Generally speaking, troubled States that have chosen not to adopt and properly enact capital punishment may face higher crime rates. What is important to understand is that not every state or city has not adopt capital punishment but it is recommended for States or cities with a high crime rate and murder rate, for example if there are 150 murders within a State it would be recommended the State enact capital punishment. Overall the great thing about capital punishment is it is versatile and can be modified and flexible to help reduce crime/ and homicide in major cities and States, capital punishment can be public safety’s best friend.” – Umar A. (Excerpt from my Capital Punishment Debate)

Many Sources Conclude the Deterrent effect to be legitimate, Please visit the Sites below.


Gun Crimes on the Rise in Baltimore City

“Baltimore, Maryland has long had a reputation as being one of the most violent cities in the United States. While homicides were down in the first half of 2008, police in the city of 630,000 people are battling to control another type of crime, gun violence. This year gun crimes have resulted in dozens of shooting homicides, assaults and robberies with deadly weapons. Law enforcement officials are troubled by the spike and are using different methods to reverse the trend. VOA’s Chris Simkins visited Baltimore to see how police are trying to control the wave of gun violence.” –VOAvideo

Source: VOAvideo Quote on Youtube Video