School System Reform in MD


School System Reform Policy:

Many of Maryland’s inner city school’s especially in Baltimore are suffering, high crime rates, trouble neighborhood, high high-school drop out rates, and overall low test scores.  In 2002-2003 MD’s graduation rate was 74.4% (see Public High School Graduation Rate). This must be improved, and I am proposing several policies on this matter.

First: Increase Funding for Schools

I Propose increasing funding for schools that can’t even provide the basic supplies for student’s in primary and secondary schools like books, utensils, school desk’s, chairs, computer’s and lab equipment. If we can provide a suitable environment for student’s I believe it will help them perform better in Academics, however more must be done in other fields. I propose 1.2 billion dollars of spending annually for schools across Maryland in urge of help.

Second: Teacher merit Pay Program

The teacher is very important to the school and society overall, and good teachers should be rewarded. I believe teacher’s who not only teach but make student’s more enthusiastic about education should receive higher pay, than those teacher’s who fail to do the same. Teacher’s who have a class with higher rates of student’s with a Grade of A or B should be rewarded with 5%-10%% increase in their weekly check. According to the University of Florida “A carrot for teachers helps students stick to the books, according to a new University of Florida study that finds merit pay for instructors equates to better test scores for their pupils.” (see Teacher Merit Pay Study at Univ. of Florida)

Third: More Security at Schools
Public school safety has been a problem in some parts of Maryland, with school violence, drugs, harassment, intimidation, disturbing and harming Maryland’s students and teachers. I propose further manned-security on school campuses that experience high school violence, for example if a school has 6-7 fights a month or school shooting or a consistent pattern of violence, then that school would receive most security and perhaps surveillance cameras. It is important that we protect the students and teachers in school and our communities, we must prevent and punish crime and violence. See Stopping School Violence: The Latest Trend Article

Fourth: School Curriculum Sharing Program.

What student’s learn is very important, and in some schools the curriculum is far better than others. That is why I propose that schools with higher graduation rates, better test scores, and brighter students, share their curriculum with schools who are falling behind. This will provide student’s with a new way of learning the course content, in fact it will most likely improve their knowledge and academic performance.

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